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Work Better with These 25 Ideas of Office Organization

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Although it seems easy and manageable, a proper office organization isn’t something you shouldn’t overlook. Neatly arranged working space won’t only boost your work efficiency but also gives you a chance to de-clutter things that may not be necessary. If you’re interested, have a sneak peek below of our top organizing picks!

1. Stack Mason Jars

Mason jars are so versatile, and you can use them for about anything: pens, markers, staples, pencils, and other thin-and-long stationery you will often use at the office. We strongly suggest you start placing mason jar desk organizers to help you with the neater office organization!

If you want your office to look more presentable you can use mason jars storage on the office desk there. With these mason jars, you can store small items such as staples, binder clips, and other small items.

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To make your office stationery more organized, you can use mason jar storage on this office desk. With this storage, you will also have a more unique office look.

Choose storage that you can make for your office. As shown above, using mason jars to store office supplies such as pens, pencils, and scissors will make your office look neater.

If you use mason jars as a small storage device on your office desk, you can paint mason jars with beautiful colors. With this mason jar that has a beautiful color, you will have storage with an attractive appearance.

One of the best places to put mason jars storage is to stick it on the wall. Placing mason jar on the wall saves space in your office.

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2. Drawer Dividers

Besides storing socks, your standard desk drawer dividers can be used at the office to store calculator, A4 paper stacks, notebooks, meeting minutes, and many more. If you can’t find dividers in your favorite colors or patterns, you can always make one from cereal boxes wrapped in decorative paper.

One of the best storage for offices is a drawer. But to make it easier for you to find the items you need, you can use the drawer divider as shown above. It can make your office looks organized.

Give dividers in your drawers to make your drawers look neater. Also with this drawer divider will make the items you store in the drawer will not be lost.

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Applying a diamond-shaped divider in your drawer is a brilliant idea. Besides being able to make it easier for you to find the items you need, this diamond-shaped drawer divider will make your drawers look attractive.

To make the drawers look organized, you can apply a drawer divider in your drawer. This drawer divider will make your drawers have a look that looks organized.

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Applying a drawer divider inside your office desk is a brilliant idea. Because the drawer divider will make your drawers become not messy.

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3. Magazine Holders

You can slightly change the function of magazine holders to place your essential office documents in order. See how much easier it is for you to reach and scan over them, which is a must if your work demands you to be quick most of the time.

One storage that is suitable for use in storing important documents or important books is a magazine holder. With this magazine holder, you will get a neat office look.

image source

This wooden magazine holder is perfect for you to use. You can store your important documents safely.

One of the best storage for you to use to store documents is a magazine holder. With this magazine holder, you will easily find the documents you need.

image source

Besides being able to store office books or documents securely, this magazine holder also looks attractive. Because this magazine holder has a floral motif that makes it has a beautiful appearance.

image source

Use magazine holders to save important documents from your office. Choose magazine holders who have unique motifs to make it look more amazing.

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4. Shoebox Storages

Although it may seem unusual, shoe boxes are designed to be firm and sturdy enough to hold the weight of most shoes. In light of this, shoebox storages can be a real help for relatively heavier office stuff you want to store.

One storage that is easily made and suitable for use in an office desk is shoebox storage. You can use the shoebox to organize your books.

image source

Using shoebox storage that is given a circular divider inside will make your office look more organized.

image source

One storage that is budget-efficient and can make your office more orderly is storage with shoe boxes. With this storage, you can store items more safely.

Storage of shoeboxes that are given a patterned upholstery is perfect for you to use. Besides being able to be used to store your belongings with this patterned shoe box storage will make your office more attractive.

image source

Use shoebox storage on your office desk so that your office desk looks more organized. Besides choosing a patterned shoe storage box to make it look more beautiful.

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5. Binder Clips

Those large binder clips you often use to unify thick documents can be strapped on the edge of your desk. Afterward, you can use to put USB, chargers, and other cables through to avoid them getting entangled. Super easy fix!

One of the brightest ideas that can make practicality in your office is to use a binder clip for the charger or USB cable as shown in the picture above. With this idea, you will easily take the cable you need.

image source

To make your USB cable and charger unplugged, you can use this binder clip in your office. Attach a large fastening clip on the edge of your desk to place your cable.

image source

If you want a binder clip that looks funnier on the edge of the table, choose a binder clip that has a chic motif like in the picture above.

image source

To make it practical in your office, you don’t need a lot of budgets. You can use a large binder clip to place the USB cable as shown above.

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To make it easier for you and be able to distinguish between cables, provide stickers labeled as shown. With writing like this picture you will more easily find which cable you need.

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These office organization ideas are incredibly easy to do! Which one are you going to choose?

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