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29 Really Easy Outdoor Design Project Ideas

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To plenty of people, landscaping ideas may sound intimidating. It also happens especially when they have not taken up woodworking class or have an artistic idea on a project. When they would like a house renovation, no matter how minor, they had rather hire somebody else.

Well, it does not always have to be like that, though. These really easy outdoor design project ideas are the solid proofs:

1 Building a stacked stone fireplace.

The fireplace does not have to be big to make this home project easy and come true. First, prepare the fireplace in the spot that you want in your backyard. Then, cover and surround it with stacks of stone until the fireplace is decently covered. This only works if the fireplace is manual, not operated by gas.

Fireplace under a tree, made of piles of stones arranged in such a way into a good fireplace in the backyard. That looks simple yet useful also put the black chairs around there.
A pile of stones that was designed to be a fireplace was outside the room, precisely the backyard of the house. Looks quite narrow but adequate enough to warm the body while relaxing here.
Stacks of stone increases fireplace design, looks like a pyramid but has sides like a ladder. Designs like this, have uses for placing plant decorations on a fireplace, to make it look more natural.

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Small fireplace, designed like a small hut with two rooms next to the storage of firewood. Minimalist and does not take too much space in your backyard.
High outdoor fireplace design, with two main chairs so close to the fireplace. There are also elongated circular chairs around the fireplace, when families are gathering in the backyard. This place will fit together.
The backyard is very spacious, with a simple fireplace design built right in the middle of the back yard. There are several chairs and a coffee table to relax there.

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2. Building a DIY deck or patio.

This easy outdoor design project begins by laying down a concrete patio. Another option is to build a wooden deck above it before you put furniture on top of that platform. Your DIY deck or patio is ready.

White terrace in the backyard, with a separate building design from the house. Prepare a gazebo and dining table to eat together outdoors.
Back porch of the house, made a deck with a canopy. There are chairs to relax there, also loungers under the outside terrace.
The patio behind the house is lined with wood, with a dining table on it. Also, there is a hanging tent to shelter while eating there.

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Very spacious balcony in the backyard of the house, can be used as a place to relax. There are two comfortable chairs facing a modern yet simple fireplace.
The terraces are separated by nature in your backyard, made of wood to make it look integrated with the surrounding nature. Very harmonious with the atmosphere of shady trees in the backyard, so it can be an ideal place for you to relax.

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3. Building an easy timber bench.

Extensive knowledge in woodworking gives you an extra advantage when working on this. If not, you can learn from the expert first before trying to make one on your own. This project will usually take a few hours to finish. If you wish to stain the surface as well, you need another couple of hours for it to finish.

Rainbow wooden bench in the corner of your backyard fence. It will enhance the view as well as be useful for you to sit there casually.
V-shaped wooden bench with a fire pit, you can paint the bench with white color. So it looks so clearly in your backyard. Also add colorful pillows to add a festive impression.
Elongated wooden benches with green look so natural but amazing. Placed along the backyard fence for a seat when gathering with family there.
Wooden bench with brown side, placed on the back porch of the house to sit and relax and enjoy your afternoon rest.
Turquoise color timber bench in the backyard garden. Looks so comfortable with a small pillow and useful for you to get relax by sitting there.
Two-face timber bench in corner of your patio backyard, useful for you and partner sit down together. Also put some small pillow to make comfortable when sit there.

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4. Creating a rustic rolling stump table.

Do not throw your tree stumps, especially if they are thick enough and still in good condition. If the stump is heavy, add casters on one side, and you have yourself a moving coffee table for your patio.

Stumped table that looks simple but elegant, to put your coffee or tea. Rattan chairs next to it to sit comfortably while reading a newspaper or magazine.

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A natural stump roll table placed on the back porch of your home. Look not finishing yet, but more beautiful for decorating your backyard.

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Two rolling stump tables for coffee tables, with a simple shape and wood cracks that look so natural. Besides being useful to be a coffee table as well as your home decoration.

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One rolling stump table with one black chair, it’s perfect for your decorated. Place in patio of your backyard for relax and chill.
A black stump table next to your beige sofa will be a good choice for decorating your home. This is useful for placing something or decoration items there.
A large, stump table with bonsai trees that are green and shady. Suitable for decorating the back porch of your house to make it look unique yet refreshing too.

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5. Laying down an outdoor rug.

It is even the easiest of all easy outdoor design project ideas above. Throwing a large outdoor rug saves your time changing space and painting or staining a deck.

Colored parallel lines on the rug on your back porch. This makes the decoration unique and inappropriate to look at. There are also two lounge chairs for you to rest.
Brown carpet with maple leaf sketches, looks very unique but amazing. Place it on the terrace in the backyard and. And to add a natural impression, also place the potted plants beside it.
White rug to be placed in the backyard of your home, as a decoration to relax and gather with family.
Blue carpet with a fireplace next to it, also a seat and table to relax in the backyard. Decoration with a design that is quite comfortable and beautiful for your backyard.

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A set of rattan tables placed in the backyard for a lotion. Accompanied by a green carpet decorating with a symmetrical texture, it looks so beautiful.

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Dark gray carpet with a unique pattern on the end, looks very suitable to the color of the sofa set. Very comfortable for you and your family to gather together.

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Are you still thinking that there is no such thing as an easy outdoor design project?

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