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54 Creative DIY Projects for Your on Budget Apartment Decoration

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To beautify your occupancy, you don’t need to buy new stuff for everything you need. Here, you can save your budget by making the DIY for something that may possibly be made with this project. Not only save your budget, but you can also satisfy your self since you can make things based on your willingness and needs. That will be both from the design and the form or any additional functions you want to have.

For your apartment DIY project, you can make both for the ornament and furniture at once. For the ornament, you can create wall ornaments like a dream catcher, your own painting, or any craft. You can also make your own planter by simply painting it, wrapping it by using fabric or paper, and more. Simply use your creativity and imagination. To help you deal with the ideas, here we are going to show you some references.

A wooden board with hooks for storing cups

Apply DIY ladder to store towels in your bathroom

Apply DIY natural colored wooden shelves in the bathroom of your apartment

Contemporary DIY wooden table

Create a unique DIY pot holder to beautify your apartment

Create creative ornaments and boards that contain your photos

Creative DIY with wooden material

Decorate your walls with hollow pot racks

Dining room with DIY wooden table and yellow chairs

DIY clothes dryer for your apartment laundry room

DIY hat hooks for your apartment bedroom

DIY natural colored wooden shelf

DIY shoe rack for your entryway

DIY wire hook for the kitchen

DIY wooden mirror frame with shelves

DIY wooden pot holder

DIY wooden shelves on the wall

Elegant DIY metal ladder

Hang plants with wooden shelves on the wall

Hook the indoor plants in this blue wire

Make a versatile iron shelf to store books and decorate your apartment

Metal hooks and small metal pots to decorate your walls

Rustic DIY wooden table

Shoe racks are equipped with hangers

Simple DIY wooden knife hook has to be neater

Vintage DIY furniture in natural color

Wall decoration with branches

White cabinet with a small wire rack on the side

Wooden boards floating on the wall are equipped with stationery storage

Wooden coffee table for living room

Wooden headboard DIY with natural color

Wooden table with iron legs

Image Source

A piece of wood with a pretty blanket and hairpin legs

Beautiful string light combined with picture display

Creative wall-mounted corner shelf

DIY lantern with a cluster of string lights

Floating shelf transformed into an elegant table

Hanging rope shelf

This pallet is combined with beautiful lights and indoor plants to decorate your walls

This unique piece of wood can be made as a beautiful table for your living room

White DIY side table

Image Source 

A portable kitchen island with wooden and pipe materials

Beautiful DIY wall art

Cute DIY makeup rack

Fold-up laundry drying rack

Hexagonal wooden shelves

Simple DIY pipe hanger

Vertical hanging planter for indoor plants

Image Source

DIY clothes racks with rope

Best DIY mason jar storage

Quilt storage with ladder

Rustic DIY ladder bookshelf

Simple and creative DIY photo display

Vertical wooden shoe storage

Image Source

From the references above, mostly the material that is used is wood. The reason is that wood is such a cheap and quite easy to be found. It is also really flexible as it can be formed into several different designs and purposes. From the ornament to the furniture, all can be covered by the wood which is awesome. In case you have the old wood pallet, then you can use it. However, if you don’t have it you can buy it at the store for sure.

Hence, don’t forget that you can also use other materials like fabric, beads, paper, bottles, and more. Trust me that it will be surely fun to create your own things to complete your apartment facilities. You will get a sense of belonging which gives the impact on how you maintain and loving your apartment as your occupancy. Prepare your own DIY project now. Happy living!

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